Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holy Boldness

I'm currently working on a paper for my Feminist and Womanist Ethics course. Per usual, I thought it would take me a lot less time than it is actually taking to write it. I'm explicating a section of Emilie Townes' work In a Blaze of Glory: Womanist Spirituality As Social Witness. In this particular section she quotes Jarena Lee so I'm dealing a little bit with Lee's autobiography as well. Check out the following excerpt from her section on her call to preach the gospel. Pretty dang clever if you ask me! And true of true.

"O how careful ought we to be, lest through our by-laws of church government and discipline, we bring into disrepute even the word of life. For as unseemly as it may appear now-a-days for a woman to preach, it should be remembered that nothing is impossible with God. And why should it be thought impossible, heterodox, or improper, for a woman to preach? seeing the Saviour died for the woman as well as the man. If a man may preach, because the Saviour died for him, why not the woman? seeing he died for her also. Is he not a whole Saviour, instead of half one? as those who hold it wrong for a woman to preach, would seem to make it appear."


ashlynn310 said...

I love you so much my friend and cannot wait to see you again!

Thanks be to God for a whole Saviour who in turn makes us whole.

Sara Ardrey-Graves said...

Amen to that, my sweet sister!

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