Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Make your new search a Good Search

I'm not sure that anyone reads my blog that doesn't also read Susan's Blog, but I decided to post her public service announcement here just in case. Susan has located a search engine (like Google or Yahoo) that donates a portion of the money it earns from advertisers to charity. And while that's all well and good, the best part is that you get to decide which charity your searches support.

I've chosen to search for Heifer Project International. Susan offered several other good suggestions in her January 29 post about this subject if you want to check those out. In addition to her wonderful commendations, I submit the following in case you are still at a loss: the Society of St. Andrew, Duke Divinity School, the ALS Association, the American Diabetes Association, Habitat for Humanity, and the Baptist World Alliance.

And, finally, I will repost Susan's helpful directions for those of us who need additional help doing all things technological.

1. Go to www.goodsearch.com.
2. Go to the second text box on the page (right under "Who do you GoodSearch for?") and enter the name of the organization you want to contribute to. Then push the verify button. Make sure you verify. If you don't, it doesn't register your searches so the donation isn't made.
3. Go to the first text box and search as you would normally. They keep a record of how many searches you've done and then send a check to the organization you picked.

See, it's easy. And it's a good thing to do. So make your next search a Good Search. You'll be glad you did.

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