Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Doing my part to break gender stereotypes

Here we are enjoying the leftover tiaras from my Miss America viewing party. Unfortunately the pageant took place too late for the little guy to help me with my picks, but he loved the new "hat" that he inherited the next time he was over at our house. In fact, he wore it to sleep that night! His papa eventually confessed his dislike of the new hat (he was wearing it all over their house!) and since it was made of paper it found its way to the trashcan pretty quickly. BUT at least my little friend got to see what it felt like to be a princess for a brief moment in time. And, Chad let him wear our other one when he was over Monday night. No gender stereotypes for Rich (so we hope) :-)

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ashlynn310 said...

Precious!! He is so cute!

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