Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tip Tuesday - Reusable Grocery Bags

Tired of having tons of plastic bags laying around the house? Not sure where to recycle all of those paper bags that you brought the milk home in? Feeling guilty about what those pesky little bags are doing to the environment? Enter a simple solution: reusable grocery bags!

Many grocery stores now sell their own canvas bags for your use. We have a lovely Whole Foods bag that we tote from store to store, but I know that I've seen the canvas bags for sale at Harris Teeter and maybe Kroger too. BUT wait, there's more. Any canvas bag will do. We are accumulating tons of bags from our yearly conferences that prove perfect for the task of bringing home the bacon (or tofu as the case may be!). Plus some stores even give you a couple of cents off (per bag) when you bring your own.

What's not to love?
- Sturdier bags to carry your groceries
- Helping the environment one (responsible) shopping trip at a time
- A few cents off per bag
- No pesky plastic bags cluttering your cupboards
- No need to remember to take the bags back to the grocery store to recycle them
- The ability to feel better than the less environmentally-savy shoppers (okay, so not really, but you may be tempted to do so!)

Need a good reusable bag? Check out the website below. They made the bags given away with all of the registration materials in them for last summer's Cooperative Baptist Fellowship meeting. They're awesome! And yes, Susan and Meg, they are perfect for carrying milk and cereal!

One Bag at a Time

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Nancy Hood said...

great idea! and there's someone else that loves cereal as much as me???!!!

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