Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Interesting article about Halloween

This is a quick read, but it's intriguing nonetheless. I highly suggest it (thus my posting it here, obviously!).


Any thoughts?


Rita and Nathan Bird said...

Hmm...Pretty interesting. I completely beleive that all of our holidays have gone way too commercial. Since when did Jesus rock it out with the Easter bunny or Santa Claus?? This is something that I have been struggling with over the past few years. I do know that I don't want Jack to miss out on the message of Easter and Christmas and even Thanksgiving. However, I am one of the guilty that gets wrapped up in the commercialism of the "holidays" instead of remembering what we are actually celebrating.
Thanks for sharing....

Abby said...

Considering that Christmas celebrates the beginning of our faith and Easter the foundation of it...I think its a pretty safe bet that the meaning will hang on indefinately.

Maybe Halloween was transformed due to the fact that it did not celebrate a significant event but more of a concept?

He makes an interesting point though!

I love your discussion posts Mandy!

ashlynn310 said...

A very interesting perspective! Thanks for posting this.

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