Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sweet Friends

My friend Anna (who is infinitely more creative with her photos than I am) posted some great photo layouts of Cady and Addie on her blog. Chad went to Samford with Anna and her husband Paul. In fact, Paul and Chad lived together their freshman year and have been friends ever since! I've really enjoyed getting to know Anna over the last few years, but especially over the last year as we've navigated the joys of motherhood together (she's a fellow cloth diaperer). She's been exceedingly gracious with her time ever since I've met her (she addressed wedding invitations for us in calligraphy when I barely knew her!), and her generous spirit has blessed me countless times since then. When we move to Montgomery, Anna will be caring for Cady 3 days a week with her daughter Addie so that I can work on my dissertation (SUCH a huge blessing!). Addie and Cady will attend MMO at Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church a couple of mornings a week so Anna will have a bit of a break too! Most recently, Anna has been scouring their neighborhood for houses that are on the market and sending them our way. They live in Old Cloverdale within walking distance of Huntingdon College, which is where we're hoping to live. On Sunday night, she and Paul hosted us in their lovely home for dinner before Chad's faculty meeting. We look forward to many fun times with Paul, Anna, and Addie after we move to Montgomery!


Amy said...

Such cute pictures. If you don't find any houses in Old Cloverdale we have some in our hood! We are in College Grove, you know, spitting distance from ACA!! We can hear the band on Friday nights during football season. :-)

Laura Forman said...

I am sooo sad that you are moving to Montgomery right after I leave there...we could have had so much fun together! But hey, we will come home at some point, so maybe we will both be in the same city at the same time...and by the way, I LOVE Old Cloverdale...its so beautiful, Clark adn I used to ride around all the time looking at pretty houses, I will be thinking about you guys!

Melissa Walker said...

The pics of Cady with Addie are very cute! I am so glad she will instantly have a friend in the area!

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