Sunday, July 12, 2009

If it were up to us...

My friend Melissa posted a blog recently titled What's Your Thing? where she listed the top 10 things she and her husband would love for their little girl to get jazzed about. They also listed 10 things they hope she can do without. I thought it was a pretty cool concept. Chad and I have these kinds of talks all the time so I thought I'd share a list or two as I ease my way back into the blogosphere. So, in no particular order, here are 10 things that Chad and I would be proud to claim as our child's obsession (not that we get to choose :-))

1. Books :-)
2. Swimming
3. Komodo dragons (totally Chad, of course - he finds them "awesome")
4. Clogging (Okay, this is all me. Chad totally doesn't want our child to clog. But seriously, she would be such a cute clogger!)
5. Spanish and/or Hebrew
6. Soccer
7. Saving the world with her purple cape and trusty calculator (her father was a "Math"-lete, after all)
8. The Zoo (she already LOVES animals of any kind)
9. Eliminating waste in the toilet
10. Puzzles and word games

And now the 10 things we could do without. I'm sure I'll have some overlap with Melissa and Jacob on a couple of these.

1. Nascar (not sure this is a big threat, but we do live in AL now so I guess I should hedge my bets)
2. Child "rock" stars (Chad will NOT be going to whatever the equivalent of the Jonas Brothers is when it comes time!)
3. Star Trek
4. Video games.
5. Stuffed animals. Our house is already overrun with these furry creatures - ugh.
6. Television.
7. Gymnastics (so many rehearsals and chances for injury...sadly I think she might actually get into this one as "active" as she is already)
8. Bratz
9. Princesses (see Melissa's exceptions here...they'd work for us too)
10. Barbie, Skipper, et. al.

What about you? Are there things you're secretly hoping your child(ren) get excited about? Shy away from?


christy ross said...

wow, such a great idea. Jeremy and I talk about this a lot! (esp after his dad said he can't wait for "Granps's girl to be Miss America") oy. We have to think about this and post our list.

ashlynn310 said...

"eliminating waste in the toilet"...LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! Love it!

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