Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cheap Diapers at Rite Aid

I know you guys probably get tired of all of my money saving posts, but I hope that some of these deals are helpful to some of you, anyway. If you need disposable diapers or baby gifts, this is the week to grab them. Rite Aid is offering a $10 rebate (by mail) if you buy 3 Jumbo packs of Huggies at $11/each. Now, that's a pretty good deal, but it gets better. There are coupons floating around for $2/pack of Huggies diapers, or, if you're like me you have a few for $3/pack of Huggies diapers. But, wait, it gets even better, if you go here and watch a Huggies video, you can get another coupon for $2/pack. This is a Rite Aid video so you can use it with your manufacturer's coupons to bring your price per diaper (ppd) even lower. And, if you watch enough videos, you can get a $5/$20 purchase at Rite Aid. There are also some coupons for $5/$25 purchase floating around the internet. As you probably know by now, I'm going to point you over to Southern Savers to get more details and to see some purchasing options.

Here's what I did.

Transaction One:
1 Jumbo pack Huggies Pure and Natural (23ct) @$11
1 Jumbo pack Huggies Little Movers (27 ct) @$11
2 GE Extra Soft White 60 watt light bulbs (4ct) @$2/each

Coupons used: $5/$25, $3/2 GE light bulbs (in Rite Aid sale paper), $2/Huggies (from video), $3/Huggies, $3/Huggies
Total: $12.60

Transaction Two:
1 Jumbo pack Huggies Pure and Natural (23ct) @$11
Sunday newspaper @$1.50
2 tubs of Huggies wipes @$2.50/each
2 bags of peanut M&M's @$.044/each (I needed to get my total over $20 to use my $5/off coupon)

Coupons used: $5/$20, $3/Huggies, $2/Huggies wipes (coupon said off a diaper product), $2/Huggies wipes (same coupon as before, links can be found on Southern Savers)
Total: $8.07

Grand Total: $20.67
Amount I'll get back in rebates: $11 ($10 for diapers and $1 for wipes)
Total after rebates: $9.67

Since I was getting such a great deal, I decided to give the Huggies Pure and Natural a try. Huggies Pure and Natural are made of organic cotton and are fragrance free so it makes me feel a tad better about having to use disposables when Cady goes to MMO. (Side note: I did not realize how blessed we were that our daycare in NC was willing to use cloth diapers on Cady. They saved us so, so, so much money!) Of course, if you got all Snug & Dry (31 in size 4, I think) or Little Movers (27 in size 4), your ppd would be even lower (unless your coupon value is lower, then it might equal can usually find coupons for $3/Pure and Natural). Or, if your baby is in a smaller size your cost per diaper would be lower too.

To figure ppd on this deal, I factored in the coupons I used for the diapers, one of the $5/off coupons, and the $10 rebate. Doing that, my figures look like this:

$11x3 = $33
$33-$11 in diaper coupons = $22-$5 = $17-$10=$7
So, $7 for 3 packs of diapers or $0.095 per diaper!!! Of course, once you factor in Montgomery's 10% sales tax, my numbers go up a little, but not much. And, if I wanted to factor in the other $5/total purchase coupon I used, it would go down even more.

Anyway, let me know if you decide to snag this deal! And, all of you Pampers lovers out there (I use them too, I know they're wonderful), I challenge you to try Huggies again. This is a steal. If you don't like using them, send them to daycare, MMO, or church. I promise you that the daycare providers won't care :-) Let me know if you need help finding coupons. And, if you're local, I have a few that expire soon that I'm willing to share. ENJOY!


Megan said...

I've no need for diapers, but just wanted to say "You go girl!" Sounds like you got some great deals :)

Heather said...

This really is a fabulous deal! Unfortunately, there is not a Rite Aid here in the Auburn area as far as I know. Pippa can't wear Huggies except the Pure and Natural b/c they turn her little bottom red, but I do like the P&N.

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