Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our latest hair-brained scheme

As you read, Anna and I embarked on a once a month cooking adventure last month. I'm pleased to report that it's been a success for both families. We LOVE having (good) food in the freezer. It makes dinner time so, so, so much easier. And, in our case, usually tastier. We're currently tweaking things a little bit as we prepare for our second month of cooking. I'll definitely let you know how that goes when both of our children stay well long enough for us to get together. :-)

In the meantime, I wanted to let everyone in on our latest cooking adventure/craziness. We're going to host a freezer swap in October. What's a freezer swap? Well, I'm glad you asked. I like to think of it as OAMC the easy way. My friend Rachael (that I met through April) sent me the information about the one she participates in in Wake Forest and it sounds FAB-ulous.

Basically, you make one dish, but you make enough recipes for everyone in the group. Say that we have 8 families in our swap. We each submit three dishes that we could make and then everyone votes on what dishes they'd like. If the consensus is for me to make chicken pockets and Anna to do spaghetti sauce, then I'd make 8 recipes of chicken pockets and Anna would make 8 recipes of spaghetti. On the day of the swap, you keep one batch of whatever at home for your family and bring the other 7 batches to the swap. You leave the swap with 7 different meals. Presto: 8 meals in the freezer. Pretty cool, I think.

You (obviously) wouldn't have a month's worth of meals this way, but you'd have 2 meals/week. This seems to be a good option for folks who want to try freezer meals, but don't have a lot of freezer space. Plus, it's a great way to try new recipes. In fact, we could bring copies of each recipe to the swap and swap those too if you wanted. So, what say you blog friends? Are any of you interested in participating with Anna and me? We don't have a definite date for the swap yet, but it will likely be the last week in October or the first week in November.


Jennifer said...

I'm in.

Heather said...

I'm tentatively in. I say that b/c my husband doesn't eat anything good, but I may just do it anyway.

Marisa said...

I wish I lived closer because this is just my kind of thing. How fun!

kellyd said...

this sounds RIGHT down my alley. i'm in. fill me in on the details when they become clearer. thanks for the great idea! :o)

Sheri said...

OK, I'm in too! But you may have to help me with the recipe part...not so good with those!

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