Monday, January 25, 2010

What would YOU do?

Okay, so this is not the thing I wanted to write for my first "real" post in awhile, but it's what I'm thinking about right now. I had a great trip to the grocery store tonight, but I have a little problem.

I bought 20 $1 off Chobani Oikos yogurt off of e-bay so that I could get some "free" yogurt at Publix (not free since I paid about $5 for the 20 coupons and I have to pay 0.10 tax on each one, but still, it's cheap organic yogurt). ANYWAY, I headed over there tonight to pick up some yogurt and a few other things that were on sale this week. We also needed eggs. We were down to one, which is never good.

So, I grab the necessary items and proceed to the checkout. First, however, you should know that when reaching to grab some yogurt I knocked one of them to the floor, resulting in a busted yogurt container and yogurt on the floor. (I did, you will be pleased to know, inform a Publix employee. I also apologized for my clumsiness).

Okay, back to the checkout. When I was watching the items ring up, I realized that some of the yogurt was not ringing up for $1. How about, in my rush around the store, I picked up the wrong kind (which, incidentally, was also the kind I knocked onto the floor). BOO! I told the cashier that I didn't mean to get that kind and asked if he could take it off. He did. Then he scanned my coupons, and I paid my $13.70 (saving $23.70, btw). I got in my car, drove home, unloaded the groceries where I found...

the FOUR things of yogurt that I didn't pay for. That's right. He took them off my bill, but they got bagged anyway. Sheesh. Chad laughed and said I should just keep them since it was Publix's mistake. I'm conflicted. I think that their customer service policy will result in me receiving the yogurt for free anyway, but I feel like I'm stealing. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

One thing's for sure: I'm not going back there tonight. I'm tired and it is cold. I didn't want to go to the grocery store tonight anyway, but I decided to make a quick trip so I wouldn't have to go tomorrow. Maybe I should have stayed home.

Anyway, back to my title: what would you do? I'm leaning toward begging my husband to take them back tomorrow while he has Cady. I just really, really don't want to interrupt my work day to deal with this. Okay, leave a comment and let me have it. I know you are all laughing at me. I seriously can't help my ridiculous conscience. One of my preceptors (TAs) in Div. School once told me I have too much guilt to be Baptist. Maybe he was right.


Anna said...

call Publix. then they'll tell you to just keep them but you'll feel better :) and you dont have to make another trip there!

Megan said...

What if you called Publix to see what the store would like you to do? If they say just keep them (as you suspect their policy might be anyways), then you can do it with good conscience. If they'd like them back then, well, at least you'll know you're doing the right thing! :)

Oh, and I think guilt and Baptist go hand in hand, my friend. However, that IS coming from a Baptist-PK-Now-Presbyterian. Maybe it's a Judson thing....we're just way too honest ;) Though, like you, I'd rather be a little TOO honest, than not honest enough!

Sandy said...

Publix doesn't want that yogurt back. If you're still feeling guilty put the cost of the yogurt to charitable use. And give Chad a break - he's just going to get funny looks if he tries to return yogurt!

Jennifer said...

Mistakes happen. I wouldn't worry about it at all. I'm sure that there have been times when you forgot a bag or got charged twice for something. It all evens out. It's not worth the effort for you to take it back. Publix won't resell it and they won't make you pay for it. Like I said, mistakes happen.

bpeterson said...

I would feel guilty too -totally understand it! Why don't you just call the store? They aren't going to tell you to bring it back. Then you can enjoy your yogurt guilt-free!

colburnslovebama said...

this is so funny, mandy! Something similar happened to me lately, but I forgot to put it on the blog.

Jason, Lauren and I were at Walmart and when we got to the car to put the groceries in, I discovered a can of diced tomatoes under Lauren's diaper bag. I quickly scanned the receipt, realized I hadn't been charged for it, and marched myself back in to the store.

The lady at the door said "do you have a return?" I told her "no, I wasn't charged for this." She looked at me like I was nuts. I got into the nearest express checkout, waited my turn and told the cashier the same thing..."I got to the car and realized I hadn't paid for this" She said, "wow, you are so honest, nobody has ever done that before." I paid for my $0.68 can of tomatoes and left Walmart feeling like I could sleep easier that night.

But how funny that people don't even expect you to be honest enough to come back and pay for something!

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