Monday, January 24, 2011

A day of rest?

1. Played the organ at church
2. Took belated baby shower gift to new friend at church
3. Lunch with C & C at Arby's (because she wanted "roast beef"...I would have preferred soup, but whatever)
4. Read a colleague's fellowship proposal
5. Ran/walked 4 miles with the Huntingdon Running Club
6. Responded to some e-mails
7. RSVP'ed for a baby shower
8. Wrapped two birthday presents for next weekend
9. Packed Cady's lunch for tomorrow
10. Helped pick up Cady's room
11. Laid out Cady's clothes for tomorrow
12. Gave Cady a bath
13. Talked to my advisor
14. Ordered some fun baby shower gifts online
15. Finally got Christmas presents to our wonderful friends, the Wamsteds
16. Begged Anna to deliver another overdue gift
17. Signed my second week class roles that are due tomorrow
18. Semi-balanced our checking account (I never get it exactly right. Once upon a time, this would have driven me crazy, but I don't have time for such concerns now.)
19. Submitted our Grow Alabama customization for the week
20. Worked on my fellowship application

I admit that it doesn't look like a day of rest, but I had a fair amount of facebook time and a little reading in there too. Plus I fell asleep while putting Cady to bed last night so I got an amazing amount of sleep in preparation for today. And, it felt wonderful. It was so nice to have some time to get things done that I've been putting off. And, it's nice to start the week not feeling too far behind.

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