Friday, May 20, 2011

Black nail polish? Are you sure?

So, a couple of Wordless Wednesdays ago, I posted this lovely picture of my daughter's very black nails. Sigh.

See, I wasn't sure I wanted to be that Mom who painted my two year old's nails. BUT, I arrived home one day to find that the babysitter had done it. "I hope that's okay," she said sweetly. What was I to say? I didn't *really* care and at least it was a nice muted pink color. I "painted" C's nails on another occasion with a clear glossy something or another. Chad's mom painted them once on the way to church one Sunday. It wasn't like it was an everyday occurence. But, alas, C found nail painting fascinating and fun and decided to take matters into her own hands one morning.

She was play sweetly (and quietly, which usually means she's up to something) with her dot markers at the table one morning. Chad walked in to find that she had "painted" her nails and most of one hand GREEN. He scolded her a bit before realizing what she was trying to do. She's quite sensitive (okay, that is the understatement of the year, but just go with it) and since we understood that she was "painting" her nails green, we lightened up a bit. I promised her that I would take her to buy some green fingernail polish after school that day. I thought she *might* forget, but she did not. She was ready.

I headed to Earthfare hoping to score some non-toxic nailpolish to paint on her little 2-year-old hands (she's getting this for her birthday from my Mom). I did find a limited selection and proceeded to pick up the very dark green sparkly one for her. She loved it. I should have left right then. BUT, I decided to try to get her interested in a lighter color because, really, who lets their 2-year-old wear a forrest-green-like hue on her fingernails? Well, apparently the same one who ends up with BLACK. I got what I deserved.

She went from the green to a crazy looking pink to the black before we left the store (at my prodding, I should add. Really, I should have embraced the green OR the pink instead of hedging my bets that she'd pick a nice pastel). I tried to get her to choose something more "appropriate" to no avail. I considered telling her she couldn't have the black. Indeed, I think I did say that at some point during the color-choosing process. I think I told her she could have ANY color but the black. But, I relented. Perhaps because I had just read this story about the hoopla over a little boy whose Mom had painted his toenails pink. I mean, what did it say about me that I was concerned about the color nail polish my child chose? To her, black was just another fun color. So, black it was. I only painted on one coat and fortunately it peeled off pretty quickly (and didn't leave black nails for Easter pics the following Sunday - phew!). She hasn't asked for it since, but I hope that if/when she does I will cringe silently as I joyfully paint her nails black. I mean, surely our moms felt the same way when we embraced the BLUE?!?! ;-)

For more on the little boy's pink nails, you should check out S's blog over at Academichic and the always hilarious Jon Stewart's
Toemageddon. Enjoy!


Rita Bird said...

I remember when "vixen" was the in vogue color. It was a dark purply red that looked black under most lighting. I painted my nails twice a week in high school drawing loads of comments of the wrong sort. I didn't care. I was expressing my "individuality" wearing a polish that millions were purchasing along side myself.

I would love to say that I would let Ellie (or Jack) paint their nails any color they wanted. But I would be a liar. And I abhor liars.

I guess I would put it in the same category if Ellie (or Jack) wanted to wear a Cinderella dress 24/7. I wouldn't love the idea (Nathan would vehemently oppose it) but at the same time I wouldn't want to repress my child expressing who they are.

Haha. I love to sit here and feel all insightful when its not my experience. Because I know when my time comes, I'm going to try to encourage my children to make decisions based on what is "appropriate".

Good luck.

Christy Ross said...

both my kids currently have black toenail polish on. I've been able to avoid fingernail polish so far.

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