Friday, June 03, 2011

Friday favorites

I hate our shower. I LOVE my house, but I despise the shower in our bathroom. In fact, if I could change only 2 things in our house, the shower would be the second (the first being to install energy efficient windows). We thought the shower might be one of our very favorite things when we moved into the house almost 2 years ago. It's spacious with a nice shower head and plenty of space for all of the various shower products we all need to maintain our beautiful selves. :-) However, this shower drives me crazy. It leaks on one side, has a ridiculous basket installed (that we've tried unsuccessfully to remove) that gets mildew behind it, has glass doors, and itty-bitty, ugly tile. All of these things add up to one ridiculously difficult to clean shower.

Enter Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser. This thing is magnificent. You wet it, squeeze it a couple of times, and wipe grim, soap scum, and mildew away. I'm in love. And while I'm usually pretty concerned about what's in a product and what its environmental impact is, I'm not even going to research this one. At least, not right now. And, if you do, please don't tell me. At least, not right now. Give me a month...or two. Or, heck, just wait until I can afford to replace this shower (which is, most definitely, on our google doc home improvement list) with something more easily cleaned.

Because, for now, this little thing has made our lives so much easier. It wipes the soap scum away with minimal effort and laughs in the face of mildew. I've known its power to remove crayon from walls/tables/easels already, but I'm learning its uses are infinite. I'm trying to limit my use of this unknown substance to the bathrooms and removing crayon, but I make no promises.


Rita Bird said...


I'm only laughing because this is on my list of favorite things also!!

You are so right, this little sponge is amazing!! I absolutely love it. I also like the other non bath eraser. It removes crayon from walls like magic.

I, too, like my house, but hate our bathrooms

Laura Forman said...

thank you for posting your friday favorite. i read your post and quickly went and got my magic eraser and scrubbed my bathtub. magic, i tell you, i love it.

Sara-Beth said...

I've never used the magic eraser. Is it expensive/reusable?

Mandy Mc said...

@Rita - HAHA right back at you. I'm so glad I'm not the only one addicted to these things!

@Laura - Cleaning bathrooms has never been so fun, huh? ;-)

@Sara-Beth - They aren't too pricy. Probably anywhere from $0.75-$1.25 a piece depending on sales and coupons and the type you buy. And, you can probably buy in bulk on Amazon or at Sam's. They are somewhat reusable, but they don't last forever. That is, eventually they disintegrate (sort of) until you can't use them anymore. I imagine one will only clean my shower and bathroom 1-2 times depending on how dirty it is. However, I imagine that you could get a month's use out of one if your shower wasn't ridiculous like mine. And, they last a long time when they are only used for crayon removal.

Sara-Beth said...

Thanks for the information...I think I'll go pick one up!

Laura Forman said...

Okay, so I went crazy and used 3 out of 4 of the erasers today cleaning walls, baseboards, chair rail, and lots of other things! :) What a fun day! I am officially addicted to these things!

Rita Bird said...

Laura, while you're on a roll both of my bathrooms could use a good scrubbing down. And i know all three of Jack's timeout corners are smudged beyond belief. :0)

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