Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Favorites

I promise not to make all of my Friday favorites about cleaning products, but I cannot resist posting about one more before breaking to something else.

Like so many people, we at the McEgg household have been trying to do our part to be a little more "green." We *try* (and mostly succeed) to use reusable shopping bags, we recycle what we can, and we use cloth napkins (but not at the birthday party because, really, who can be that holy and good besides Ellen Davis?). A tougher switch to make was to rid our house of paper towels. They're so convenient! And, really, who wants to go through that many dish towels.

One of the "green" blogs that I read from time to time heralds the skoy cloth as a good alternative to paper towels (My Plastic-free life). I thought about ordering and trying them long before I actually did, but now I can say that I finally took the plunge. AND, while a skoy cloth is not a paper towel, I find I can use it for pretty much everything I used a paper towel for in the past. They are fabulous for wiping up kitchen counters, tables, sinks, and stoves. I've even used ours in the bathroom a time or two. The only thing I probably won't try again is cleaning mirrors with them. They tend to leave some streaks. But, I can use old T-shirts or other cloths for mirrors so no worries there.

Skoy cloths are thin so they dry quickly. They are also washer/dryer safe, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe. SO, lots of ways to disinfect these bad boys (girls?). According to skoy's website, one skoy cloth is the equivalent of using 15 ROLLS of paper towels. So, at about $7 for a 4 pack, skoy cloths are definitely the economic choice.

Now I'll admit that there are still times that I wish we had some paper towels in the house, BUT I think skoy cloths are pretty magnificent inventions. And, I like not having to fork out the money for paper towels (because I'm cheap). Now I know that most of you are rolling your eyes at my ridiculousness in ditching paper towels so I'm going to try to make a believer out of at least one of you by giving away a skoy cloth. That's right, I'm going all out today! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post by Monday, June 13 by 9:00 CST if you want to win. The only catch is that you have to agree to blog about your use of the skoy cloth after you try it. BUT, you're going to want to do that anyway ;-)

Skoy cloth is not paying me to say any of this and they aren't providing me with the free skoy cloth. I ordered 2 packs so I figured I can share ONE skoy cloth and save one of you 15 rolls of paper towels ;-)


Jennifer said...

a giveaway? What? My friends are moving up in the blog world!

I'll try them, even though you know we hate the enviroment at my house! ;-)

A. Smith said...

Hello, it is I...the friend who actually asked for a paper towel at your house a week ago! I am going to need to try these regardless of winning or not.

Christy Ross said...

awesome. paper towels are still our "going green" nemesis. I set a limit that we would only use one roll a month but somehow that's never followed no matter how many clean kitchen towels I have sitting around!

Even if I don't win your super cool giveaway, I might give these a try. I've almost made it a competition with myself to see how little garbage actually leaves our house.

Sara-Beth said...

I ran out and bought a magic eraser after you blogged about it last week. A. MAZ. ING. That's all I can say about it.

I've never heard of the skoy cloths, but it sounds great. I try to limit the number of paper towel in my house too....but when only two people live there it's not too hard. Now TOILET PAPER is another story. Let me know when there is an appropriate alternative to Charmin.....

Rita Bird said...

You must have an inner connection to the Bird household.

Nathan and I have talked about going "green" (or at least a light shade of) lately. I am willing to do whatever to at least minimize our waste. He can't and won't be convinced.

I feel so guilty about our use of paper towels, I tear them in two and save the other half for later or share with Jack. Nathan refuses to use a real cloth napkin.

He fun of me mercilessly, but it gets under my skin to see so much waste.

Kudos to you.

Anonymous said...

We almost bought paper towels yesterday, the only thing that stopped me was the price and I really hate using them. My hubby drives me crazy when he tears off more than he needs for a spill that could be cleaned up with a cloth Grrrr...! Recently we had the ones that are only about 4"wide, I still tried to hide them. I'm going to hold off buying any just in case I win one from you! Good luck to me !! :)

Marie said...

We have been trying to cut down on our paper towel use but I did not know that there was anything like this out there! I would love to try it!! I'll probably get some anyway even if I don't win though! Thanks so much for sharing! I need to get back into the blogging world:) I'm enjoying reading your blog. I don't comment b/c I read it in my reader but just know that I'm enjoying it!

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