Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Favorites

So one of my all-time favorite movies is the movie SHAG. Yes, I realize that this movie is full of gender, racial, and southern stereotypes and that I probably shouldn't enjoy watching it. But, for whatever ridiculous reason there's something about this movie (set in 1963) that just makes me happy. Yes, I cringe when a beauty contestant dances to Dixie and receives thunderous applause, but I can't help myself; I love watching this movie. I want to be in this movie. I want to go on a beach retreat to Myrtle Beach with three of my best girlfriends while my parents think I'm going to Fort Sumter to learn about my "heritage." And a shag contest? How fun would that be?!?! Sigh.

In fact, my love for this movie runs so deep that for awhile I wanted to name any daughter we had Carson (after one of the characters, of course). Chad and I still love that name for a little girl. However, after naming one daughter after a leader in the suffrage movement it seems odd to name the next one after a movie character who breaks off her engagement after having sex with a handsome man she just met because she's "WILD." I mean, how do I explain that one to potential daughter #2? "Well, I really liked that Carson just went for it, you know. She acted on a wild impulse for once in her life instead of just doing what everyone else wanted her to do." Um, yeah, not so much. I don't know though, it may be a nice change of pace. What do you think? ;-)


Christy Ross said...

wow, I love Shag. And I also wanted a daughter named Carson. But I always went back and forth about whether I wanted "to be" Carson or Pudge. sheesh. what a horrible nickname for a girl of normal weight and proportions.

Marie said...

I love this move as well! It's been way too long since I've seen it!

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