Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Last night's bedtime question

C: Little people don't go to jail...just big people, right?
M: Yes, little people don't go to jail...only adults who don't obey the law.
C: Did Jesus obey the law?
M (trying to be sneaky): Yes, Jesus obeyed God's law.
C (not missing a beat): Did Jesus obey the policeman's law?
M: Why don't you go ask your Daddy?

Yes, I did defer. I was pretty sure Jesus didn't break any laws per se, but I decided I'd let dear 'ole dad try to explain (in 3 year-old language) how Christians are commanded to obey God's law even when that conflicts with the laws of the land. He did a pretty good job explaining that some "policemen's" laws are bad laws...that they are not just and we shouldn't follow them. And then he reminded her that Jesus kept the laws, but they put him in prison anyway. She's having a hard time with that one, but she seemed content that we'd answered her questions.

I admit that sometimes I fear what life will be like when this child is 12. I mean, seriously, what questions is she going to ask then?

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laurensmommy said...

Cady does seem very inquisitive... ya'll have your hands full! :)

Lauren asked me the other day why we couldn't just go on an airplane to see Jesus.

And so it begins...

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