Monday, November 07, 2011

Christmas Gift Countdown

Over the weekend I knocked out two of the "easy" Christmas gifts that I wanted to make. I admit that I was (am) quite proud of how they turned out. They aren't perfect, but I'm not embarrassed to give them either :-) This puts the total number of Christmas gifts I've completed at 3. I have 2 more "must make" Christmas gifts and several other things I'd like to make if I have time. Because I'm in the beginner sewing category, many of the gifts I'm working on are simple-to-sew things. Or, they fall into the no-sew category. The first Christmas gift I made was crocheted, the two things I made over the weekend are crafty, and the one thing I *hope* to finish tonight is crafty. Then I'm going to have to get going on some of the sewing projects. They make me a teensy bit more nervous though. Thankfully there's a Second Saturday Sewing day on Saturday so I'll get some help with the trickiest one!

In other news, I've lost my good sewing scissors. I remember putting them in a "safe" place away from hands that might want to use them on paper, but I have NO idea where that safe place is now. I did get some pinking shears for my birthday and I have a rotary cutter, but those two devices will only get me so far!

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Mandy said...

OH I feel like a horrible friend...I realized earlier today that your birthday was Saturday, and I didn't wish you a Happy Birthday!! Happy Belated Birthday to one of my greatest friends!! Much Love!

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