Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Food for Thought

I know that the holiday season is very, very busy, making it even harder to make healthy choices. In fact, I've eaten fast food more in the last few weeks than I care to mention. BUT, I DO want to make smart choices. Here's a blog that I read this morning that offers some good tips.

5 Tips for Non-Toxic Holidays


Sara-Beth said...

Mandy, there are plans for a Christmas party at Susan's house December 30th.....would you like to be included int he name drawing (we give ornaments). Just let me know! Hope to see you there.

Mandy Mc said...

Sounds fun, I'm in!

Sara-Beth said...

Check your fb messages for your person's name :)

Sarah said...

Holidays, nothing.

It's the end of the semester that just kills good eating habits.


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