Thursday, November 03, 2011

Making Christmas presents

So thanks to Jennifer and her fun times sewing group, I've gotten inspired to make more of my Christmas presents this year. I'm hopeful that this will save us a little money (since I'm not teaching this year), but also that it will be meaningful to the folks who receive something handmade by me. Since some of the recipients of these gifts read my blog, I'm afraid that show and tell will have to wait until January. My goal right now is to make at least 5 gifts and my reusable Christmas bags. So far, I've finished one gift. Guess I'd better get going :-)


Southern sinner said...

Good luck, Mandy! We've done homemade gifts each year to some degree, and I love it! Makes me feel more connected to the fact that giving the gifts is partially about the sacrifice we're willing to make for another. Excited to see what you've made come January.

Mandy Mc said...

Thank you! I'm excited about it. It's so fun to pick out just the right thing for everyone.

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