Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy birthday to A!

Some of our colleagues at Huntingdon have an adorable little boy who just celebrated his 2nd birthday. We decided that some fun wooden blocks were in order for the occasion. And, I decided that a drawstring bag to store them in might be a nice touch. SO, I turned to this amazing tutorial that many of you have used. I actually paid the $6.50 for the pattern and it was very worth it to me. Some of you have the amazing ability to adjust patterns to fit your needs, but I opted for the convenience of step-by-step instructions this time ;-) I'm SO glad that I did. The pattern has sizes suitable for CDs, DVDs, and also instructions for writing a pattern to fit your needs. Love. It. This will be a great pattern for getting more Christmas bags made.

BUT, onto the gift in question. Here's a picture of the completed bag full of blocks for the birthday boy:

The blocks are from this etsy site in case anyone is interested (I have a coupon code that I'm happy to share if someone does decide to order). We ordered a HUGE set of blocks right before Christmas and then split them up into separate sets for gifts (some for Cady, some for A, and some on reserve ;-)). The quality of the blocks is excellent and I know they'll last for years to come. Hope little A enjoys them as much as all of us at our house do!


Kim said...

Our attic in CA had Dan's old Legos in bags just like this! I always thought it was the grandest thing that he had kept his childhood toys in such nifty little bags. I doubt he was missing even one Lego! Great gift!!

Jennifer said...

Your bag tured out so cute. I've thought about making one for Lily's legos, but haven't actually done it!

Anna said...

LOVE this! it makes so much sense and it's so cute! i may have to make one for the girls blocks and free up another bin :)

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