Monday, February 27, 2012

A little of this and a little of that...

I have many, many things that I want to blog about, but every time I think about blogging I end up doing something else. Most recently I've been cleaning out the baby's room and writing thank you notes. Thanks to all of you who came to the shower last weekend; I promise that your proper thank yous are on their way. Our church hosted a shower for us last weekend too and I figured all of you (my nearest and dearest friends) would understand if I wrote the thank yous to the church ladies first :-) Honestly I have been overwhelmed by the gifts from family, friends, and our church. It is such a blessing to have folks celebrate our son with us. Your cards, calls, e-mails, handmade gifts, and carefully chosen (or crafted!) onesies are more appreciated than you can know. Can't wait for SDE to know and love each and every one of you (sorry I'm a bit sappy and sentimental these days).

In other news, there are a couple of things that I wanted to float by my faithful readers to see if you had any advice/suggestions/opinions for me:

1. I volunteered to bring snack to Cady's school Friday since it's Dr. Seuss' birthday. We bring snack once a month anyway and this allows me to a) take snack early in the month in case baby decides to appear earlier than anticipated and b) make something cutesy for her class that doubles as something I'd have to do anyway. My question is this: has anyone seen any healthy-ish Dr. Seuss snack ideas out there? They aren't allowed to bring sugar so cupcakes, cookies, etc. are out.

2. What kind of pajamas/clothes did you wear in the hospital when you had your baby(ies)? I didn't stay in the hospital the first time so this is new territory for me. I realize it's not a huge deal, but I do want to look presentable if I have visitors.

3. I wanted to order some notecards with SDE's name on them to use as thank you notes for gifts, meals, etc. after his birth. Where do you order your personalized stationary? I don't want to spend $2/card, but I want them to be of decent quality. I also want something that looks baby boyish without being too cartoonish if that makes sense.

4. If you have pictures from last week's shower, will you send them to me? I didn't take any and I'm DYING to show off the beautiful decorations on the blog.

Okay, that's all for now. I'll try to post more than once every two weeks, but I can't promise. These days I find myself longing to go to bed at 6:30 :-)


Melissa said...

1. If you can find red/blue goldfish crackers, you could do a trail mix with cheerios, chex, popcorn and goldfish crackers, etc. I read something about the cheese trees from "Fox in Socks" - use styrofoam, toothpicks and cheese cubes to make a cheese tree forest. You can do apples for "Ten Apples Up on Top."

2. I wore a two piece pajama set that button on the top and was stretchy on the bottom.

3. I will get back to you on the notecards...

4. I think Anna was the only one that got pictures at the shower. Once I saw she had her camera, I felt I couldn't do your pictures justice! LOL I have maybe one....which she took, because she was showing me how to use my camera. :o)

Amanda said...

I wore a gown in the hospital that buttoned up the front so it was easy to feed the baby. They have tons at Dillards at Eastchase.

Jennifer said...

For your snack, try googling Healthy Dr. Suess snacks. There are tons! I think we might do green eggs and ham or Pink Ink strawberry milk for a special breakfast this weekend!

With Lily I wore a shorts and shirt pj set that buttoned up. With Jacob I found some gowns that buttoned up. They looked a little like flannel shirts, but had a cute waist. I still wear them. I say definitely button up. I like the gown better, but I hate pants!

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