Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Possible Cat in the Hat Snack?

Thanks for all the great healthy snack ideas! I've been thinking about your suggestions and googling around trying to figure something out. I've found a couple of ideas that are super cute and I'm thinking about combining them. Here are some images I've found:
Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons

Skip to my Lou

Naturally Educational

I'm thinking about half of a mini bagel with cream cheese for the face, raisins for eyes and nose, pretzels for the whiskers and strawberries and bananas for the hat. What do you think? Would that work? Would it be better to forego the cream cheese and just opt for bread? Or, maybe mini muffins with cream cheese? Thoughts?


Rita Bird said...

Argh! I have no idea why you are not showing up on my google reader...

Anyhow, love all of the ideas for Dr. Seuss snacks. I may have to do my own tribute with all of the great ideas you displayed.

Side note, I FINALLY mailed your gift. Sorry it took me so long. Please, please, please no thank you note. I know how stressful it can get juggling handwritten notes on top of everything else.
However, please let me know via email or blog when it's received. The postal worker didn't offer me tracking and I completely forgot to ask.

Mandy Mc said...

Rita, the gift arrived today and I ADORE it! I cannot wait to show Chad when he gets home. Thanks so much for thinking of us, friend.

Rita Bird said...

Darn you Google Reader!
Snacks turned out BEAUTIFULLY! They look so delicious.

YAY! So glad you received it! To be honest, I was a little irked that it wasn't as big as I thought it should be, but realized it was the perfect size for little one to carry wherever.
As soon as I saw the post about nursery color choice and fabric, the web searching began. So glad you and Chad like it!

Candace said...

Glad you found our snack! Love what you ended up making!

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