Friday, March 02, 2012

Happy birthday, Dr. Suess!

Morning Snack - Cat in the Hat

I ended up making these with a mini strawberry muffin for the head, raisins for the eyes and nose, pretzels for the whiskers, strawberries and bananas for the hat, and a teeny tiny amount of icing to hold the eyes and nose on and draw the mouth. I sent apple juice for the kids to drink.

Afternoon snack - One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

I made the "fish" out of red and blue jello. I found sugar free strawberry jello, but couldn't find sugar free blue jello. I sent the extra pretzels and raisins to be served with the jello fish if they needed more than one little jello fish (pretzels as fishing poles, perhaps?). I also sent strawberry milk (aka "pink ink") for her classmates to drink.

Thing One approves!

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A. Smith said...

ADORABLE!!!! I love your snack ideas and am stealing them to use in my classroom next year...along with Cady's shirt idea!

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