Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Miss Cady

I've been posting a lot about Baby Boy lately, but only because I want to try to document early things for him like I did Little Bit 1.0. Chad says he won't care since he's a boy, but I like to think he'll want to know we made plans and prepared for his arrival too :-)

HOWEVER, there is, as always, much to say about our dear daughter. In the last couple of months we've begun the joy of reading chapter books with her. She inherited some from a colleague's daughter and thinks herself quite the big girl that she has books that must be read over a couple of days instead of all in one sitting. I admit that Chad has been reading most of the chapter books with her, but I've read a few Flat Stanley adventures myself.

This is the first chapter book we read together: (I didn't claim we were enjoying literary masterpieces or anything!)

And, this is where I found her later that night when she was supposed to be in bed..."reading" by nightlight.
I'll admit that it brought back good memories. I remember many a night that I stayed up late to finish a book. In fact, I don't have to think back too far (um, Hunger Games, anyone?) And so, I confess that I was mostly proud and not angry. I smiled all the way back up to the front of the house where I informed Chad of her latest shenanigans. I smiled as I thought about how even though I claim the child is "just like her father" there is so much of me there too (and not just the stuff I didn't want to pass on, thankfully!). I'm so very happy that C enjoys books so much. I hope her love of books and words and stories continues to grow as she learns to read for herself. And, I hope she'll never tire of being read to. I adore the special time we share reading and telling stories and I hope her little brother will love it too!

On a less sappy note (I am 38+ weeks pregnant, remember), do any of my teacher friends (or moms, aunts, etc.) have suggestions for chapter books that might be age appropriate for an almost 4 year old? I tried to start one of the Little House books with her, but she's not quite ready for that yet. Is there something else out there that might be fun? Something with a bit more substance than silly girl cliques or potty jokes?


Rita Bird said...

This post made me smile.

Read up on The Magic Treehouse books. I think the age level is 6-8, but my sister in law suggested them to me, so I don't think they should be that far off on being age appropriate. I've been meaning to look into chapter books for Jack; I think it will lead to more questions and discussions at bedtime (my favorite part of story time).

A. Smith said...

I love The Magic Treehouse books and so do my second grade kids. Frecklejuice by Judy Blume is a great introduction to that author. Also, just about any Beverly Cleary books particularly the Ramona books.

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