Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I voted...did you?

If you call yourself my friend you sure as mess better have at least tried to get your tail to the polls today. Chad and I frequented our new polling place after he picked me up from class today. He, of course, had turned in his change of registration thing so he was on the rolls, but I was not so I had to go to the "exceptions" table. Oh well, I still voted (I've got the sticker to prove it!)

SO, my stump for the day...voting, you should do it! Just in case you've forgotten, women have only had the right to vote since the 19th amendment was ratified in 1920. (Yes, some women could vote in some states before that, but you get my point!) That's less than one hundred years! Lest we forget the price paid for us gals to have this privilege, I am passing on these statistics that I received in an e-mail from LEI.

What did it take for women to win the vote?

72 years of campaigning
56 referenda to male voters
480 efforts to get state party conventions to include women's suffrage planks
47 campaigns to get state constitutional conventions to write women's suffrage into state constitutions
30 campaigns to get presidential party conventions to adopt women's suffrage planks into party platforms
19 successive campaigns with 19 successive Congresses
500 arrests
168 women jailed

And, as we think about the fight that our foremothers (and some forefathers!) fought for us, let it encourage us to find something worth fighting for for future generations. And, if you haven't seen Iron Jawed Angels, watch it...NOW!


ashlynn310 said...

I FINALLY found my polling place, and boy was it packed!! So i am one of your friends that "sure as mess" voted! :)

Anonymous said...

I voted, too. And, if I may have a point of personal privilege, "Speaker Pelosi" sounds pretty dang good to me. ;)

Mandy Mc said...

Ashley - I'm glad that you found your polling place. We had a new one this time too.

Susan, Dang right it does! I'm thinking about dedicating my next blog to that very subject. This bodes well for your plan to take over the world :-)

Anonymous said...

It's true... Nancy, Hillary... they're all part of my master plan. ;)

Criddy said...

If you are going to have one of these little things you really need to work on updating it a little more...i mean geez!!

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