Monday, April 09, 2007

Ripped from the Headlines -

Stockingless Legs Condemned by Church Body

Okay, so it's not ripped from today's headlines. But, I stumbled across it today in a 1934 Charlotte Observer while doing some research for my advisor. The following was reported from Chattanooga, TN on Oct. 11, 1934:

A resolution condemning short sleeves and stockingless legs was adopted today by the general assembly of the Church of God.

So lest we fall prey to the temptation that this warm season brings upon us I thought I would remind you of our womanly duty not to go barelegged. If Mother Judson is worthy of our tan hose (or black as the case may be), so is God. Remember who you are, ladies. Remember who you are.

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Susan said...

You make me laugh.

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