Sunday, June 03, 2007

Weekend in Arizona

I spent Memorial Day weekend out in Arizona with my mom and brother. We had a blast! It was my first time out west and I must admit that I was super impressed. I can't wait for an excuse to go back.

On Friday, we drove over to the Grand Canyon. It was, of course, beautiful. It seems like we took a gazillion pictures! We even hiked down into the Canyon a bit. It was really cool, but it made me nervous. All I kept thinking was, "If I slipped on one of these rocks, I'm not sure there's anything to catch me." SO, I walked next to the rock wall and not the edge of the trail almost all the way down! Walking back up proved MUCH easier for me though. I felt that I had a better grip or something.

Saturday we headed to Sedona to see the famous red rock formations. I think my favorite was the Snoopy formation because it reminded me of Chad's dad and his Snoopy collection. We also got to see the Chapel of the Holy Cross. This church is built into the side of the rock and is absolutely amazing. Plus, there's a gorgeous view of the red rocks from the back of the church.

Bobby left on Sunday so Mom and I met up with my high school track coach and her husband for a little more sightseeing. Trudi and David took us to the botanical gardens. [Question: Who knew that there were so many different kinds of cacti? Answer: NOT ME.] Then we headed to an absolutely delicious Mexican restaurant. Despite the HOURS we spent catching up in the restaurant, we still had time to head over to Superstition Mountain for a leisurely hike. We ended the day with more food (what else?) and arrived back at the hotel quite exhausted.

Trudi met me again the next morning. It seems I had the perfect amount of time before my flight to hike South Mountain. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together despite my allergies to dessert dust :-) She was even kind enough to wait around and take me to the airport. Thank you Trudi (and David) for being such wonderful tour guides. I'm already looking forward to my next visit!

I'm posting a slide show below of our trip. It's kind of long, but I tried to include some interesting captions :-)


Sara A-G said...

How fun!!! Oh I am soooo jealous of your trip. It looks amazing.

dinah lou said...

Love the pictures of your trip. It sounds like there's so much to do and not enough time to do/see everything. Alan and I will have to add this one to our list of places to hike.

Criddy said...

FUN!! Thanks for my post card!

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