Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tip Tuesday: Automatic Shower Cleaner

I never thought that I would advocate this wonderful device. In fact, I remember laughing with Chad when the Automatic Shower Cleaner was first advertised on television. We commented about how lazy someone must be to buy an automatic shower cleaner and wondered together about the next "time-saving device" that consumerism would thrust upon us. I now retract my hasty comments. Why, you ask? Well, because we have been the proud owners of an automatic shower cleaner for almost a year now. My mom gave us one shortly after we moved into our new house and, after hearing her testimony, we decided to try it out. It's worked beautifully! No more scrubbing the bathroom every week - woohoo!!! We still have to give the tub a good 'ole fashioned scrubbing about once a month, but I'll take that over once a week any day. Plus you have a sweet smelling bathroom everyday. And who wouldn't want that?

I still think that we should be careful as consumers not to buy every new-fangled device the media throws at us, but this is one for which I am truly grateful.


Melissa said...

Interesting. I saw this advertised through my email a couple months ago and wondered if it actually worked. Thanks for the testimonial!

Melissa said...

I received another email about this product today that included a link to some coupons. I thought I'd pass the savings on to you and your friends.


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