Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Susan!

I hope that you have a wonderful day celebrating this glorious day on which you were born. I wish that I could be there to celebrate with you. We'd go eat some yummy Mexican or something. Maybe you could even wear the big sombrero and have your picture pasted on the wall for all eternity. Or, maybe we could just start that little Religious Taboo Road Trip right there in AL :-) Seriously though, I hope your day is fabulous! Looking forward to seeing you again SOON!!!

Oh, and we really should take more pictures together.


Sheri said...

Mash and Mandy Mc--- I'm not sure if I"m supposed to post a reply to your reply on my blog or yours! Anyway, hope you see this! Max came to us through my dad's fiance's daughter's boyfriend's family---how's that for confusing?! :) Mandy, we never thought we'd have a dog hubby can't stand them. However, when Rachael began asking for a chameleon for her birthday, we decided it was time. And do you know how many dog things you can buy for the cost of one 3-inch lizard? About $150 worth of stuff! Not to mention, I feel certain at some point the 3-inch slimey would be liberated from it's cage by two well meaning preschoolers. While having a Slimey loose in the house is not the worst of my fears, it does rank right up there...furthermore, said Slimey does have the ability to morph into any color in our house...this adds to the fear factor. When dwelling upon these thoughts, a little dog fur seemed minor. Hence, Octavius Maximus found a home! Love you guys! Hope you have fun at Mel's wedding! Sheri

Susan said...

We definitely, definitely need more pictures. Too bad we missed a prime photo op on Saturday. It was fun, nonetheless.

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