Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's Botox for You, Dear Bridesmaids

Check out this New York Times Article about new bridal trends. What will they think of next? I'm so thankful that none of my friends have asked quite this much of me. Can you imagine not being in a friend's wedding because you refuse a certain type of spray tan? Can you imagine suggesting Botox to your future mother-in-law? Botox? For a wedding? Seriously? You've got to be freakin' kidding me!


Abby said...

Wow! I could only get through the first page...

That just almost leaves me speachless...almost. :)

I love the comment from a reader:

"How long until these brilliant brides-to-be figure out that they can hire models to be their bridesmaids? Then they can have the perfect human accessories."
Elizabeth A., Washington, DC

Let's get some perspective people...your wedding day isn't as much about the perfection in your flowers, friends, cake, or dress as it is about commitment, trust, and love. But maybe that's why the divorce rate is what it is.

And seriously the girl who asked her bridesmaids to get implants???
If any of my friends asked me that they could consider themselves Xed!

Still just sitting here typing with my mouth open with disbelief...

I guess when I'm 35 in 5 and 1/2 years I'll just put a paper bag over my head!

Who are these women and how do we get rid of them before they infect our daughters with this nonsense?

Can you tell you got me a little riled up with this one Mandy? ;)

christy ross said...

I'd think these brides-to-be wouldn't mind the rest of the wedding party looking less than stellar. it'd make them look better at least. craziness.

ashlynn310 said...

So glad you found this article! I meant to send it your way last week...craziness, right!

And as for spray tans...lets just say I am not longer a fan!

hannah's mommy said...

"But for every accommodating pal, there’s another who feels going under the knife is beyond the duty of bridesmaid."

I can't imagine why! :)

bwestcott said...

As a bride to be (in 32 days!) I cannot imagine having the audacity to ask ANYBODY to do this stuff. I feel bad enough asking them to buy dresses and shoes... As for the blogger template, I had no idea all of my links would erase, so I had to add everything back in and sadly have no advice on that!

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