Friday, September 26, 2008

A Day in the Life

Yesterday was SUCH a long day. Went to bed about 1:30, up by 6:30. Left for school about 7:30. Then, I hit the ground's the rough outline for those interested in what I "do."

8-ish Arrived at the classroom early to get my powerpoint presentation set up (laugh if you want, it was great)
8:30 Lectured on Baptists and Methodists
10:00 Led American Christianity precept
11:00 PUMPED (Yes, that gets it's own time slot. It has to be carefully scheduled in!)
11:30 Read papers for afternoon class
12:30 GSAR lunch meeting
1:05 Caught bus to East campus
1:15 Taught Writing 20 course - large group workshop
2:30 Caught bus back to West campus
2:45 Time to PUMP again
3:30 Smoothies with Kate to hear about her recent research trip to the Holy Land with BENNY HINN (yes, I'm serious)
5:30 Walked out to the car with Kate to head to our respective homes

I was pretty tired when I got home; Chad was pretty hungry :- ) So, since neither one of us felt like cooking, I fed Cady and we headed out for dinner. "Welcome to Moe's!" Then home to give Dinkus a bath, feed her again, and get her settled in bed. SO very tired, but still had some work to do catching up with a few things for my Writing class. PLUS, I had to watch The Office. Jim and Pam are engaged - yay. Okay, so moving on...That's more or less it, I guess. Long day, but such a very good one.

I love what I do. I love that I get to spend some days at home with Cady. She's brought such joy into our lives. However, I also love that I get to teach. It's SO MUCH WORK, but so worth it. Lecturing is invigorating. Discussing the history of clergy in America with future clergy is rewarding. Watching students improve their writing (and be excited about it) is exhilarating. Working with freshmen their first semester away from home is nothing short of amusing, eye-opening, flashback inducing, etc. Coming home to a loving husband and a beautiful daughter is the icing on the cake (if this were a Mastercard commercial, I would have written "pricelesss," but I'm not quite ready to make my life into a Lifetime movie. That is, I can't be quite that sappy.). So exhausting. So empowering. So fun.

That's my update for now. The end.


bwestcott said...

How wonderful for you! I'm so happy that you're so happy! If I had been blogging when I taught at Judson, I think I would have written the exact same thing about teaching freshmen. Talk about flashbacks... It was even Carol Ann's room!

Criddy said...

I'm sure you are an amazing professor! LOVE YOU!

the hero formerly known as super said...

Pump up the jam . . . pump it, pump it, pump it! Benny Hinn? That's so weird.

christy ross said...

1. Moe's sounds really good right now.
2. isn't it funny how we give our children funny nicknames like Dinkus. we used to call ryland 'rylio dinga' after Raila Odinga the Prime Minister or Kenya but now we call her Dinga and other weird variations.
3. I'm glad I get more sleep than you.

Susan said...

Benny Hinn? Seriously? That's fabulous. The rest of your life sounds pretty fabulous, too... exhausting, but fabulous.

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