Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Toy Search

I realize that I'm ridiculously cautious about some things. Recently, I've been searching for BPA-free teething devices for Madam Drool Queen (aka Cady). I went to my trusty paranoid mom site (Safe Mama) because they have a "cheat sheet" for just that purpose. Anyway, I bought Cady a new toy last night and was trying to see if it was BPA-free or not tonight. I have yet to discover whether it is or not, but I did find another nifty website to help me in my quest to overanalyze everything. It's a website dedicated to Healthy Toys and claims to be "The Consumer Action Guide to Toxic Chemicals in Toys." It has a search function so that you can search toys by product name or manufacturer, etc. and lists the chemicals and such in them. There's lots of other useful information on the website too so I thought I'd share with all of the other moms out there (paranoid or not!). Please do not judge me. I'm not anal about everything. Really, I'm not. For example, if Cady's pacifier falls on the ground here at home, I usually just stick it back in her mouth. Now, if we're at the food court at the mall - well, that's another story...

And, so you're not too bored, here are a couple of fun pictures of Cady.

Cady all decked out at the lake

One of Cady's 3 month pictures


Nancy Hood said...

how sweet!!!

Melissa Walker said...

I adore that child...and her overly analytical mother. ;) i miss the heck out of you, too. :(

Rita and Nathan Bird said...

Thanks for the site info. I have really been on the look out for "safe" toys. I love the pic of you and Chad holding her hand. PRECIOUS!

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