Monday, August 03, 2009

A recent find (and a giveaway)

Since moving to Montgomery, I've scored some pretty good deals. On Saturday, I got a pair of white ankle-length Gap jeans from Goodwill for $3.99 (please don't judge). Today I bought school supplies for "free" at CVS. Much more exciting, however, is the 5-pack of Kushies Ultra All-In-One diapers that I found at Wal-Mart on the clearance aisle. I had not tried these diapers, but I had heard of them and I was curious about how they had ended up at on SALE at WAL-MART. So, I threw them in the cart. They were the toddler size (22-45 pounds) so they would fit Cady until she was potty-trained and it's always nice to have a few extra diapers in the rotation. They didn't have a price on them though so Chad and I decided we'd just wait and see how much they were when we checked out. Then we'd make a game time decision. "How much were they?" you ask. Well, I'll tell you. They rang up for a whopping....

$10.20!!! Yes, you read that correctly. I paid approximately $2.25 a diaper (even when you factor in Montgomery's exhorbitent 10% sales tax). These bad boys sell on Wal-Mart's website for $59.98. You do the math. "Do you want them?" Um, yes please. I've been so excited about these diapers. I figured even if they weren't the best fit for Cady, they'd be worth $2.25 a piece. So far they've worked great. We even used one overnight one night (with an extra soaker in it) with no problems. All in all, a TERRIFIC find.

Soooo, to celebrate this great find and to encourage more of you to give cloth diapers a try, I'm giving one of my sweet deal diapers away. That's right, I'm sharing the love :-) The diaper up for grabs is a lovely green diaper that's appropriate for a girl or a boy. It's been washed once in Allen's Natural detergent, but it has never been worn. As I mentioned above, it is the toddler size, which says it fits children that are 22-45 pounds. (You just thought I was done harassing all of you with cloth diaper talk, didn't you? ;-)).

In all seriousness, even if you only used one cloth diaper a day, it would have a positive environmental impact. Even if your child attends a daycare that refuses to use cloth, you can use cloth at night and on the weekends. Every little bit helps. It might also allow your baby's tush a little break. Plus, cloth diapers are pretty cute these days!

Are you excited yet? Want to know how to score your very own Kushies All In One for FREE? It's easy. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post telling me some of the things you like about using cloth diapers or reasons you'd like to give cloth diapers a try. Come on, you know you want to. The contest ends this Wednesday, August 5 at 9:00 a.m. I'll announce the winner Wednesday afternoon. Good luck!

(By the way, I have yet to see any more of these in the store! My best guess is that someone ordered them online and then brought them back to the store. I guess the store didn't figure they could sell them and marked them down...or maybe it was a pricing error, who knows?!?!)


Laura Forman said... I am leaving a comment about the jeans from goodwill? :) I went to goodwill many many times in Montgomery but never found that good of a deal :) did you go to the one on atl hwy or the big one? our goodwill in scottsboro is much much better, vanessa and i can tell you about some great finds :)
as for the diaper...i wouldn't want you to have to send it all the way to i will save it for someone else...but just had to leave a comment about the ole goodwill :)
love you!!!

Megan said...

Congrats on all the great deals! I've no need for a cloth diaper quite yet, but what a fun give away idea. :) Good luck to all the moms out there!

Melissa Walker said...

Nice find! I'll keep an eye out at our Wal-mart for you as well.

Ashley Goldsmith said...

I have been incredibly intrigued by your cloth diaper stories. I have to admit, your bumgenius pictures are ultra cute, and Cady looks adorable in them! I've often considered cloth diapers (in the back of my mind because Jeremy is so not enthused, but because Emma has been getting a lot of diaper rash and I was wondering if maybe that would help. Anyway, also thanks for posting your great deals! I love reading your blog!

Amy said...

I have to admit, since I am home more now, I will be trying the cloth diapering thing with my next baby, whenever that happens. But for now, the night time training thing is not going so well with Jax so I have been pondering getting something for him to wear at night. This would be great! I wanna win it! Then maybe he wouldn't feel like he was wearing a baby diaper so much.

christy ross said...

good find on the jeans! We have a Jimmy Hale bargain center in Pinson I've had some luck at.

I'll definitely be on the look out for more random Kushies at walmart. maybe we can have dual giveaways!

Rita and Nathan Bird said...

Congrats on the great finds!!!
I must admit I had great intentions on using cloth diapers on Jack, but have not had the will to do the research. Your post a few months ago really peaked my interest, not to mention I cringe every time I have to empty my diaper genie (Mother Earth, please forgive me!!). However, I am still so overwhelmed by it all. I admire your self discipline and your ability to see the bigger picture.
Anyhow, I wasn't really posting to enter in the giveaway but wanted to make sure you were aware of the HUGE consignment sale in Bham ( i think in either Aug or Sept) It's called kids market and mom and they have TONS of clothes, toys, books, etc. It would be a great excuse for you to visit Melissa and it's ridiculous how much money you save on virtually brand new items. (I don't judge when it comes to saving money)

Mandy Mc said...

Thanks for all the love, friends!

Laura, I went to the GW over on Airport Blvd, I think (close to Maxwell). I went to the one on the Atlanta Hwy too, but didn't look at clothes there. I had gone to look for bookshelves at both of them, but got sucked into looking a lot more at the second one! I almost bought a pair of Ralph Lauren jeans and another pair of Gap jeans for $6/piece, but I decided I didn't really need them. However, I couldn't resist a couple of books, a baby outfit for a friend, and some Huggies Natural diapers. I will definitely be going back!

Thanks for the tip, Rita! I will have to check that sale out. My cousin is due with her second child in January so I'm sure we'll be looking for stuff!

Anna said...

oh NO!!!!! i thought it was wednesday 9pm!!! i'm so sad!

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