Thursday, September 10, 2009


Hi to some of the best friends and encouragers in the world! Thanks so much for letting me whine and then for making me feel better about myself. Truly, blogging all of that was some sort of catharsis for sure.

Today has been much better. Cady has only had two poopy diapers, one when she woke up and one after lunch, so it looks like we're on the road to recovery. She took her naps. We dropped off the dry cleaning without a hitch. We went over to Portrait Innovations for a few 15 month shots. She melted down a little, but it just cut the picture taking short and made my decisions infinitely easier, I'm sure. I swung by the post office and picked up post card stamps for the change of address post cards I have yet to mail. I was able to straighten the house a bit. I unloaded the dishwasher. I washed some dishes. I dumped out some of the leftovers from the fridge. I even cleaned the kitchen trash can with antibacterial spray. I had lasagna in the oven when my grandparents arrived so that Granddaddy and Chad would have dinner and I headed downtown to a breast cancer survivor meeting with my Grandmother. A busy day, for sure, but a good one.

Still have work to do, (like convincing the IRB committee why it's okay for me to host a drawing for folks who fill out my survey - ERGH) but I've decided to worry about that another day.

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Melissa Walker said...

I love you, friend. I think you are an awesome friend, mom, wife, and student (and all the other family-type titles.) I admire you and am so proud to call you my bestie.

I am so glad your Thursday went better than Wednesday, and I hope your weekend is an awesome one. I also hope to see you very soon.

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