Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Whiny Wednesday

So, I know that Anna and others participate in "Not Me Mondays," but friends I cannot wait that long to complain. I need to get it out and I need to get it out now. So I dub today "Whiny Wednesday." And no, I don't want any cheese to go along with it. Heh, heh.

My child has had yucky, yucky diapers since Monday. Not one yucky diaper a day. MULTIPLE yucky diapers a day that has led me to put a temporary hiatus on my quest to save the earth by using cloth diapers. I'm sorry to report that we have been using up the disposable stash the last couple of days. I just couldn't bring myself to wash THAT many diapers a day. I'm not that noble. Nor is my stomach that strong.

Because said child has had icky, smelly diapers this week, she has not been able to go to MMO. And, because I'm a (somewhat) considerate person I've not sent her to Anna's either. No need to spread this mess around (no pun intended). Thankfully Cady's been in a good mood. She hasn't run a temperature or thrown up. And, since Monday she hasn't been particularly cranky either. Plus, she's been extra snuggly and has let me read to her lots and lots. I love her hugs more than anything. Seriously, they're awesome.

HOWEVER, I haven't been able to get any of my school work done. Trust me, there is much to do. And every time I talk to one of my colleagues at Duke, it just makes me feel worse. They are like the most productive people EVER. Of course, neither of my closest friends has a toddler running around, but still. It makes me feel lazy and behind and stupid and frustrated and embarrassed and lots of other adjectives. Sigh. Anyway...

Despite Cady's good mood, she does yell or cry when I have to change her diaper because her bottom is so raw. It hurts her for me to wipe her little tush. :-( Anna brought me what she refers to as an "old-school Montgomery thing" from Adams drugs. It's a thick white "butt paste" that's supposed to work magic. Apparently it's been around since my brief stint as a baby. I do not know what is in it and if it works I must admit that I don't care. Again, not being too noble about saving the earth and keeping toxins off my baby today. I just want the sores on her bottom to go away.

After receiving the blessed cream, I decided that I needed to take further action toward helping my child regain control of her bowels. Since I failed to have applesauce, bananas, OR pedialyte at the house, we headed out to Wal-Mart.

I decided it would be a good idea to drop off some dry cleaning on the way. We had just received a few coupons for a local cleaner that I had been wanting to try. I looked for them briefly and then called to see if Chad had seen them (AKA, "cleaned" the desk in such a way that I could not find my things :-)). He had stacked it neatly with my other stuff. How kind. I finally found the coupons (please note that before calling Chad I had actually looked in the recycling bin because I thought I must, in fact, be losing my mind). I gathered the dry cleaning and some of Chad's dress shirts, Cady and her bag, my purse, my keys, etc. and tried to head for the car. I placed the clothes on the back stoop and after locking the door somehow managed to get it all to the car without dropping it.

On the way to the dry cleaners, I received YET ANOTHER CALL for Bonita Foster. I have received several calls from unknown numbers in the past couple of days and some folks have even left a message for this blessed woman that is not me. This time I answered. I waited patiently (okay, not even close) while it told me to hold for an important message. I blurted out something like "why did you bother to call me if you weren't ready to talk to me!" and then was greeted by a lovely woman wanting to speak to Bonita Foster. I wish I could say that I calmly told her that I was not that person, but I didn't. Something inside me snapped. I retorted, "This is not Bonita Foster and could you please stop calling my phone?!?!" It was not my proudest moment. The polite woman, somewhat taken aback, replied firmly, "Of course, thanks." We hung up. I was ashamed. I was immediately remorseful. It wasn't this poor woman's fault! I wanted to call her back and apologize, but I doubt I would have gotten the same person anyway. SO, blanket apology to all service people who take crap everyday that may read my blog.

I continued to the cleaners, wondering if they had a drive thru so that I wouldn't have to take Cady out. It didn't look like it when I arrived, but I had calmed down by this point and realized that it would be okay. EXCEPT, the cleaners was CLOSED!!! They close at 1:00 pm on Wednesday. It was 1:10. I do not lie.

We proceeded to Wal-Mart where I discovered that I had shut some of Chad's shirts in the car door and the white one had gotten black stuff on it. Great. Nevertheless, we had a very successful trip despite Cady trying to grab all of the cards with dogs on them while I quickly picked out Grandparents' Day cards since Grandparents' Day is Sunday. I even went and picked a $0.44 card with a dog on it for her to hold. It amused her briefly before she went back to reaching for the others. She also wanted to eat a banana before we paid for them and made fishing noises at someone who walked by with Goldfish in their cart (must admit, that was pretty cute!). I fed her a banana on the way to the car, drove home, and got her ready for a nap so that I could eat a belated lunch to go with the half a banana I had eaten on the way home from Wal-Mart.

Oh, and I received an edited version of my IRB protocol request that I submitted recently. I have yet to open it out of fear. I thought it best to wait until Chad got home to help me keep things in perspective.

BUT, my Real Simple magazine came and that was good. And, we had chicken pockets for dinner. That was very, very good.

Off to clean a bit and then to take a peek at that protocol. Pray for me friends. I think I'm losing my mind.


Laura Forman said...

oh dear friend, what a day!! my mouth literally dropped open when you got to the cleaners and they were closed!! least the day is over! :) praying that cady feels better soon!!

Megan said...

Hope your Thursday is lots better!!!

Rita Bird said...

Forgive me for being in complete awe of how you handled the day. I probably would have been a bit (lot) ruder to Bonita's caller. Also, even though you feel really really behind, I have absolute faith that you will do what's necessary to get the job done. I don't think that lazy is an adjective that I will ever use to describe you. You are a mother, wife, student and teacher. I feel like it takes everything out of me just to be a wife and mother
You have many people out here cheering you on!

Anna said...

ugh! it sounds worse in writing that it does in spoken words! what a day/week! i'm hoping today is MUCH better! let me know if you want me to keep cady for a few hours tomorrow so you can get some stuff done!

ashlynn310 said...

Bless it friend!! I hope your week has gotton much better!!!!

On a side note...someone sent Owen that butt paste from Montgomery and it works!

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