Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Notice to grocery cart users:

Please refrain from leaving your grocery carts in the middle of the parking lot, rolling toward other cars, braced against the handicapped sign, or otherwise not in its intended return slot. I often have my child with me and somehow I manage to put my groceries in my car, return my cart to the return slot, and return to my car with my child without injury. If you shop at Publix, you really have no excuse. They will follow you to your car, help you unload your groceries, and take your cart back with them. If you tend to be a cart abandoner, resist the urge by taking Publix up on their offer to help you. No one wants their vehicle scratched or dented by your negligence. No one wants prices to go up because you refuse to walk 20 ft to the cart return either.

And, I'm tired of cleaning up after you. I don't want to return your cart for you. I can't save all of the lost carts. My child and my patience won't allow it. Of course, I try to do my part. Last night, I picked a cart that was left alone in the parking lot to be my shopping companion. However, when I returned my cart I saw at least 3 others not in their appointed home. It made my heart heavy. How would you feel if you were left abandoned blocking up a perfectly good parking space? I imagine you might get a little lonely, not to mention embarrassed when yet another person tried to park there. Well, I considered putting all the carts up last night, but eventually resisted the urge to cover up for those grocery cart users unable to follow directions. However, this was not the end of it for me.

I entered my car, buckled my seat belt, and started the drive away feeling GUILTY. That's right, not only did the carts you left floundering around the parking lot put me (and, more accurately, my vehicle) in danger of injury, your negligence inflicted me with guilt. That's right. My rule following self could hardly stand to leave those carts there. And, I can't go around saving all the lost carts. Do your part and stop making me feel guilty for not doing it. Seriously, how hard is it to return a cart? Also, how do you sleep at night? I had to blog just to confess my failure to clean up your mess. Sigh.


Anna said...

ok. you seriously make me laugh. but it's SO true! i even put it back when i have BOTH girls...bc that's what you do! :)

Elizabeth said...

I agree!!!! I have felt that guilt as well. When I worked at a church and went to Sams once a week, I even straightned the line of buggies and puched them together so more could get in the holder, because people seemed to think if they got it near the cart corral that was good enough. SERIOUSLY???? Anyway, I also feel like it may help with America's obesity problem. My sewanee...I don't know of anyone who can grocery shop but can't walk a few feet to return their cart. Should we start a support group for ourselves?

Megan said...

Well said! I think all stores should employ the "Aldi's method" where you pay 25 cents to get a cart, and if you want your quarter back, you have to return it!

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