Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quick update on a professional goal

I'm swamped in deadlines these days, but I had to share one bit of good news today. I am going to accomplish at least one of my professional goals :-) I found out today that my paper proposal for the NABPR (National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion) was accepted. Hooray! I'll get to present some of my research at their annual meeting at the end of May. This year's meeting is at Mercer so if anyone wants to tag along to the bustling metropolis of Macon, let me know. Chad has another conference that week so I'll be flying solo.

Now, back to writing and then home for hugs!


Rachel said...


bpeterson said...

Yea! So proud of you!

Sarah said...

congrats...good luck in presenting. Miss you guys but enjoy reading your blog!

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