Sunday, June 27, 2010

Update on fellowships/conferences

The final tally on the fellowship applications: 0/7

Final tally on the conference proposals: 2/4

Somehow getting a trip here for one of the conferences takes the sting out of receiving ZERO of the fellowships. I know that perpetual rejection mixed with random rewards is what I signed up for in this career so I might as well get used to it now. I have a feeling many more rejection letters, e-mails, etc. await. Thankfully, I've learned that I can cope (after a brief self-loathing/career questioning phase, of course) and even congratulated (sincerely) my amazingly brilliant friend who did receive one of the coveted Louisville fellowships. Obviously, I'm still hoping for a "yes" every once in awhile, (namely when it comes to passing my blasted dissertation in the next year or two), but for now I think I'll practice my hula. :-)

1 comment:

Megan said...

Woo hoo for Hawaii, and yay for looking at the positives and not always the negatives, which is all too easy to do in academia. You go girl!

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