Monday, March 07, 2011

Car rides with Cady

Cady went to church at Camellia with my mom yesterday. On our way home from my grandparents' house she filled us in on what she learned.

Cady: Do you know what God did? He made that whale eat that boy. And he was there for 3 days. And then God made him go 'spllitt' (funny noise as she acts out Jonah's being spit out). What's that boy's name?

Chad and I look at each other in surprise before discussing the story with her. Needless to say it involved a lot of "whys" as Chad tried to explain why Jonah was in the belly of the big fish. It's AMAZING what children retain and how they process things. She was particularly concerned that the folks threw Jonah in the ocean ("that's not nice!") and didn't quite like Daddy's analogy that God put Jonah in time out in the fish ("but time out is on your bed!"). And, unfortunately, she refuses to let her divinity school nerd parents refer to the "whale" as a big fish. She insists it was a whale. Oh well, there's still time to work on that. :-)

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Melissa said...

I love it. She is one smart cookie. :o)

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