Monday, April 04, 2011

List of links

Here's some fun blogs posts, articles, etc. that I've found interesting lately:

Barbara Ehrenreich on Wal-Mart

Pole Dancing for Jesus

Single Pastors and Unpaid Helpmeets

Getting Students to Read - If this interests you, make sure you click through and read Tara Brabazon's piece that Stephens references.

Review of Montgomery's new Earth Fare - this is one of my favorite "Montgomery" blogs. While you're there, check out their latest blog on Alabama's statehouse. They also have reviews of local restaurants and magazines. They're often a bit snarky, but I find that to be part of their charm. :-)

Bag It, A must see movie

I wish I had time to comment on all of these posts, but I don't. I just wanted to link them here in case they were of interest to any of my many (more specifically, 2) readers. I found each of them to be informative, challenging, and/or perplexing in some way. I love it when folks can get me to think about things I usually overlook. Or, when someone forces me to consider how my everyday choices affect the world around me (as well as me!). Or, when an author helps me see another side of things. Reading rocks. Thinking rocks. Learning rocks. Nerd out.

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