Saturday, October 22, 2011

The ABC's of me...

Because everyone else is doing it :-)

Age: 31

Bed size: Queen

Chore that you hate: Is there really a chore that you LOVE? But, since I'm suppose to pick one I'll say washing the dishes (ick. yuck. ew.).

Dogs: No, thank goodness.

Essential to start your day: Now that I'm pregnant - breakfast of some sort and usually a coke

Favorite Color: Purple

Height: 5'7"-ish

Instruments you play: Piano and handbells, I play the organ at our church too, but I still don't claim to know "how" to play it

Job Title: Graduate Student

Kids: Elizabeth Cady Eggleston (3) and another on the way

Live: Montgomery, Al

Mother's Name: Diane Ellene Kelly Dawson

Nicknames: Pooh, Mandy Mc, Buddy

Overnight hospital stays: Emergency Gall Bladder surgery and maybe the plastic surgery I had when I was little and spilled coffee on myself

Pet Peeves: Constant whistling, People who interrupt (though I'm often guilty of this myself!), and students who cheat to name a few ;-)

Quote from a movie: "Well, don't play hard to get. You might miss something." -Buzz, from the movie Shag

Right or Left Hand: Right Handed

Siblings: One brother (Bobby), One step-brother (Dale), and Three step-sisters (Heather, Kristi, and Julie)

Truth or Dare: Usually truth

Ultimate Vacation: Any vacation that happens post-dissertation will be a dream vacation. I will be able to read only fun things and not feel guilty about it.

Vegetable you hate: Turnip Greens

What Makes You Run Late: Not getting up on time, Cady refusing to eat breakfast and/or get dressed

X-rays you've had: I really don't know

Yummy Food that you Make: Chicken pockets

Zoo Animal: Elephants

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