Thursday, November 17, 2011

Handmade Holiday Challenge #1

Jennifer's hosting a handmade holiday challenge, which provides me with the perfect motivation to actually make the Christmas gifts I have been planning to make. Several of them will not be debuted until after they are opened by their recipient, but I have a couple that I feel safe sharing ahead of time. First up on that list is the new bow holder I made for Cady. I think it's safe to say she won't be checking my blog anytime soon. Of course, she picked out her own fabric so this isn't going to be a huge surprise for her anyway (even though she has not seen it finished).

I got the idea from Sarah who made one for her little girl, L. If you want to make your own, here's the link to the youtube video that gives step-by-step instructions. It was pretty quick and easy to make and I think it will look great in her room. Of course, I fear mine may not be as neat on the corners as it should be, but I imagine once it's hanging up with bows all over it no one will be the wiser. To me, the hardest part was placing the ribbon. I'm still not sure mine are evenly spaced despite lots of measuring. Oh well ;-)


Christy Ross said...

good job. I love the pop of color from the green ribbon!

Mandy Mc said...

Thanks! I'm in love with the green myself. :-)

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