Monday, March 12, 2012

A few baby gifts

So since all of you have been pampering me with so many wonderful gifts, I decided to share the love with a few friends who have had, or are about to have, new little ones in their lives. I still have a few things on my "to make for other folks list," but I did take a break on Saturday to make a pillow cover for SDE's room (with Jennifer's help, of course!) so I'm not neglecting him too much :-)

Here's a peak at a few things I made (you will note that many of these tutorials are ones you guys pointed me to on pinterest):

Diaper Strap
I made two of these. They were super easy and I think they turned out pretty cute. I hope they are useful and not just another unnecessary baby item. I can see how they might be more helpful with a slightly older infant than with a newborn. It might also be nice to include a little diaper changing pad that could strap under the wipes case.

Taggie Blanket
I made two of these as well, but one of them is in the Goodwill box. I just didn't like how the first one turned out...too many little imperfections so I didn't want to gift it to anyone. I will say that I made the second one a little larger than the tutorial called for (I think I cut it 11x11, but could be remembering incorrectly) and I was more pleased with the size. If I make more, I think I'll cut it 12x12 and see how that works.

Appliqued flower onesie (pay no attention to my terrible stitching efforts; concentrate instead on the cuteness of the fabric ;-))

Supersoft washcloths

I made three of these and really, really liked them. I didn't make them 10x10 though. I think I cut mine more like 9x9 and they were still a nice size...especially for a baby washcloth. This project was my first time using the walking foot and the free motion quilting foot. Many thanks to Christy for her help via the interwebz as I tried to figure it out. Otherwise these bad boys still wouldn't be quilted!

I joked with colleagues that this latest phase of craftiness is pregnancy-induced, but who knows? Maybe I'll stick with this newest hobby. I certainly hope so!

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