Sunday, March 11, 2012

So many handmade goodies!

SDE is quite the lucky guy and I'm quite the lucky gal to have amazing friends like all of you. Check out some of the awesome handmade stuff this little guy's going to get to enjoy (these pictures can't do the real things justice! Look for more pics of these adorable items when I post the nursery pics):

Bunting made by Christy:

Quilt made by Jennifer (picture stolen from Jennifer's blog because I don't have a good one of the whole thing):

Diaper wreath made by Melissa (all I have to do is add his name to the center and PRESTO - beautiful hospital wreath I didn't have to make :-)):

Valances made by my mom:

Minky blankey from Rita:

I've also gotten some amazing crocheted blankets, hats, and a cocoon, but I don't have pictures of all of them. Trust me when I say they are beautiful! Thank you all for making this time so very, very special!

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