Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tip Tuesday - China Protectors

For those of you with a smaller kitchen like us, you may not have room to house all of your many kitchen gadgets, dishes, etc. in the actual kitchen. We have definitely had to be creative with all of our "kitchen stuff" as we've moved from place to place. China protectors make storing stuff that doesn't get used as often simple. They keep your breakables safe and dust-free. Plus, they are easily stowed away under a bed or in a closet so that you can drag them out when the Queen does happen to visit (yes, that is a Friends' reference, I can't help it!). Bed Bath & Beyond has several different colors and styles for every budget. We just have the vinyl kind and they work well. We have most of our china in the china cabinet, but we still have our stemware tucked away in the closet in their nice little cases.


"The Transplanted Yankee" said...

Yes, I do read them! I'm actually still thinking about the automatic shower cleaner...

Nancy Hood said...

Mandy, hi! I was at your dad's house just this past Wednesday and we were talking about you and how much he missed you and Bobby. I teach with Lisa~or at least, I do, when I'm not on a disability leave! I've added your blog to my list of favs and am so glad I found yours. I was just following interesting blogs from one to another and saw your name. Hope you're both well and happy~love, Miss Nancy

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