Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tip Tuesday - Mixing Bowls

When we were registering for wedding gifts, I didn't register for these mixing bowls. Thankfully, someone got one for us anyway! I loved the smaller one so much that I later bought a big one. They're great if you use a handmixer because they have the rubberized stuff on the bottom that holds the bowl in place. It also has a non-slip grip and an easy-pour spout. The easy pour spout may seem kind of ridiculous, but it cuts down on many kitchen messes. All of the batter or salad dressing or marinade or whatever you are mixing up gravitates toward the esay-pour spout and right into the bowl, cake pan, or corningware dish that you want it in. More importantly, it flows right back down the spout and into the mixing bowl when you are through pouring (think about making muffins and how many times you have to use your finger to stop the batter from going everywhere!). I think they may even have different colors now. I know that KitchenAid makes pink ones where a portion of the proceeds is donated to the Susan G. Koemen Foundation for breast cancer research.

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Nancy Hood said...

Hey girl, It's Tuesday and I was checking in! :) Looking forward to a tip and/or a note. I have enjoyed reading your back blogs! Have a great day~Miss Nancy

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